Adventure Cycling Kenya

Biking downhill on our Africa cycling tour inspection

Take your bike and pedal through Africa. Possibly the most intense way to experience this marvelous continent. Travel in silence. Sense everything. This is what we organise for you.

Photograph by René van Veldhuijzen

Riding pace of the bicycle safari will be adjusted to the tour members

The pace for African Cycling Adventures will be adjusted to you.

Photograph by René van Veldhuijzen

Bikers in Kenya draw attention from men and animals whereever they pass

Bikers are special people. They move onwards in a natural way. They catch admiration from man and animal alike.

Photograph by René van Veldhuijzen

Kenya has big animals on dry land as well as in water, hippo's for example.

Bikers enjoy double on two wheels within appealing environments. Peace man.

Photograph by tour participant

The Kenya bicycle safari does prioritise safety of its tour members

Your Safety.
Our Priority.

Photograph by Robert Ripassa

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Adventure Cycling Kenya Tour

Adventure Cycling Kenya tour in action

Unforgettable adventure cycling Kenya experience.

Our cycling tour offers a highly satisfying exploration of the most beautiful parts of Kenya. Turning point of this bike tour, on sometimes rough roads, is Masai Mara. This area enjoys mondial fame for its exceptional population of the Masai people, Masai lions, African leopards, Tanzanian cheetahs and, not in the least, the annual migration of the zebra, Thomson's gazelle, wildebeest to and from the Serengeti, every year from July to October, well known as the Great Migration.

Roads of this tour are for 70% asphalted. The remainder are clay roads and at some points really too rough for the tour following safety car. This requires a big portion of your stamina and muscle power every now and than. A very positive experience after accomplishment.

The adventure cycling Kenya tour.

A blend of cycling and relaxation. Challenging yourself on two wheels and enjoying stunning surroundings, balanced with time to unwind after the tough accomplishment of the day.

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Adventure Cycling Tour Preparation

Adventure cycling Kenya tour organizer Rene van Veldhuijzen

René van Veldhuijzen.

René here, your Africa Cycling Tour Master, occupied with researching possibilities at location for the cycling tour planning. Checking the roads, the points of interest, the lodging and relaxation possibilities, yes.. preparing an unforgettable experience for you.

Adventure Cycling Professional.

I prepare tour-plans with global adventure cycling experience in my baggage. I have cycled through all continents on our planet. A globetrotting Dutchman, so to say.

I am crazy about adventure cycling, that's for sure. That's why I have chosen for a new career as bike tour operator after a career of fifteen years sports instructor in juvenile detention centers and another fifteen years as fitness director on cruiseships all over the world. This gave me knowledge and experience to motivate and to entertain people. So, I make work of my hobby.

I invite you herewith. Become partaker in Africa Cycling. Discover freedom.

Have an adventure cycling tour with me. You won't regret it.

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Men and women alike

Cycling tours on bad roads are tough, but tough ladies exist.

adventure cycling Kenya - touring lady in action

One in the spotlight here. She accomplished an adventure cycling tour over a few thousand kilometers from Uganda to Kenya's east coast. Admirable accomplishment for a two person team.

Watch their video below. Touch the rectangle shape, bottom right on the video player after its start in order to enjoy a 5 minutes video on full screen. Credit for youtube page of Radek Okienczuk.



Inspired men and ladies are welcome to take part in an Africa Cycling Tour.  Tour along with us. It is definitely not for men only.

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Adventure Cycling Tour itinerary

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