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Adventure Cycling in Africa

Unforgettable Adventures in Kenya.

Our guided adventure cycling tours offer a highly satisfying exploration of the most beautiful parts of Kenya. The climax of this bike tour on sometimes rough roads is Masai Mara. The Masai Mara triangle has Mondial fame due to its exceptional population of the Masai tribe, Masai lions, African leopards and Tanzanian cheetahs. Ad the annual migration of the Zebra, Thomson gazelle and Wildebeest to and from the Serengeti, well known as the Great Migration, and the picture becomes clear.

Seventy percent of this tour we bike on asphalted roads. The remainder is riding on clay and gravel roads which is sometimes even a bit too rough for the escort car. Those rough areas require a big portion of stamina and muscle power but deliver a very positive experience after the accomplishment.

Extraordinary biking adventures.

Our tours offer an attractive blend of cycling and relaxation. You challenge yourself on two wheels while you enjoy stunning surroundings. The tough cycling accomplishments are always mixed with times to unwind, either in your hotel, on a boating trip or during a Safari.

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Cycling Tour Preparation

René van Veldhuijzen.

René here, your Africa Cycling Tour Master, occupied with researching possibilities at the location for the planning of an exciting outdoors experience. Checking the roads, the points of interest, the lodging and relaxation possibilities, yes.. preparing an unforgettable adventure for you.

Cycling Professional.

I prepare tour-plans with a global adventure cycling experience in my baggage. I have been biking through all the continents on our planet. A globetrotting Dutchman so to say. I love to be outdoors and cycling for sure. That is why I choose to start a career as a tour operator for all-terrain guided biking tours. Before this, I had a career of fifteen years as a sports instructor in juvenile detention centers and another fifteen years as fitness director on cruise ships. This career path gave me the knowledge and skills to motivate and to entertain people. All of this years my work felt like a hobby. I invite you herewith. Become partaker and explore sensational Africa on two wheels. Discover freedom.

Have an adventure cycling tour with me. You won't regret it.

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Men and women alike

Biking on bad roads - But tough ladies exist.

In the video below you will see a lady biker on her adventure tour. Together with her friend, she covered a few thousand kilometers from Uganda to the east coast of Kenya. Touch the rectangle shape at the bottom-right on the video player after its start in order to enjoy a 5 minutes video on full screen. Courtesy of the youtube page of Radek Okienczuk.
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Inspired ladies are welcome to ride adventures with us. So, ride with us. It is definitely not for men only.

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Adventure Cycling is oxygen for Rene. He dies without cycling tours. NL, +31 645 114 345
CW, +5999 513 7667
[email protected]

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