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Adventure Cycling Tour Kenya – Itinerary 17 days

€ 3.070,- all inclusive 1000 km  adventure cycling tour package, from one safari gem to another


Day 1 - Arrival at Nairobi Airport

Adventure cycling tour participants are collected and transferred to Hotel Massada in Naivasha.

Hotel Massada is the location where we start a demanding but highly satisfying adventure cycling tour in Kenya. Participants of this tour are transferred from Nairobi Airport to the hotel. The primary goal for this day is relaxation and getting acquainted with one another in case of the first-time encounter and.. to dive into bed for a decent night rest. We really take off tomorrow.

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Airport pick-up and transfer service

The Adventure Cyclin Tour Kenya starts from arrival at Nairobi Airport.

Day 2 - Unwind and charge up for adventure


Loosen our muscles by a first biking trip through Hell's gate national park.

A good start is half of the work. Click on pictures for additional information.

First awakening in Kenya. Preparation and warming up for our adventure cycling tour.

In the hotel near Lake Naivasha, we precisely have what is needed for such an occasion. Our two nights stay here gives sufficient time to focus on the cycling tour and prepare for the challenging two weeks that lay ahead. Tour orientation, checking the bicycles and a good muscles warming are important. The Masada Hotel Website

Day 3 - Cycling to Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru Flamingo Lodge is awaiting the adventure cycling partakers with a comforting welcome.

First stage of our adventure cycling tour is to Lake Nakuru National Park

Adventure cycling tour to see the birds of Lake Nakuru, National park, Kenya

The strain on adventure cycling.

We put the strain on cycling today. The first 15km (**) easy going on asphalt, followed by a tough challenge (***) for approx. 50km. A great deal of our energy is consumed on climbing and heavy gravel roads, sometimes partially sandy and rocky.

Splendid views on the mountaintop: Lake Naivasha on one side and Lake Elementaita on the other. Than carefully downhill and another 15km asphalt for us to recuperate.

Day 4 - Reward after rough roads biking.

No bikes today.

The Lake Nakuru Flamingo Lodge is a pretty hotel in a peaceful area with exceptional natural beauty. Home for the Flamingoes and The Big Four Kenyan mammals. Our clubhouse for two nights. Lake Nakuru Flamingo Lodge Website.

A 4WD Safari today. In the morning we are off road in the fields, searching for the big four, to shoot pictures of colorful birds and the big animals in and around the lake. The afternoon is for relaxation around the swimming pool, the Spa or the fitness room.

Relaxation and admiration today - On safari in Nakuru National Park

Day 5 - On our way to Lake Bogoria

Flamingo Paradise Lake Bogorio

Salty Lake Bogoria.

The ride from Lake Nakuru to Lake Bogoria (***) over asphalt. It's a splendid ride, slightly downhill in a pretty setting. We pass some charming little villages and have wide views. Occasionally we can see a turtle crossing the road.

The cycling team will stay in the Lake Bogoria Spa Resort for two nights. It is worthwhile to roam the website of this rather classy accommodation.

The Lake Bogoria Spa Resort Website

Day 6 - Body treatment in vulcanic pool.

Relaxing and healthy.

The Spa Pool is the only natural hot water swimming pool in Kenya and East Africa. The Spa Pool has therapeutic values. There is nothing like relaxing and unwinding in this Spa pool. In addition, there is the cold water swimming pool of half Olympic size. Of course one can have a massage and various other body treatments.

But first a bit of action: after breakfast back and forth to the hot springs, approximately a 40 km cycling on very challenging gravel roads.

See, smell, feel and hear. Yes, experience life to the fullist

Day 7 - Climbing to Kabarnet

From low land to Kabernet on high altitude - a climbing cycling route

Pounding, drinking, sweating.

Through the Marigat road junction onwards to Kabarnet, climbing, and climbing, on two wheels to the top.

Today's cycling tour ends in the yard of hotel Kabarnet at 1900m altitude.

Aaahh.., finished. A refreshment, please.

All included in the cycling tour package.

Day 8 - To the Kerio View Hotel

Today we finnish at the highly appreciated Kerio View Hotel for a two nights stay


Great hotel with splendid views.

Today we are riding high, approximately 70 km in the direction of Iten Town, on our way to the Kerio View Hotel, a top location to recuperate and start point for tomorrows new adventures.

Our adventure cycling tour is halfway now at classy base camp for two nights here at Kerio View Hotel.

Kerio View Hotel Website.

Day 9 - A day on high altitude

This is the area where most Kenyan running athletes train at altitude.

Adventure options for today:

  • A safari in the Kerio Valley if there are elephants.
  • Exploring the neighborhood on the bike.
The Kerio valley is often visited by herds of Elephants.

Today's adventures are to be chosen from several options for this location

Day 10 - Cycling from Iten to Kapsabet

To the Eden Springs Hotel - The cyclists need to be carefull today

Three more stops to Masai Mara, the absolute highlight of our Adventure Cycling Tour.

Watch out for the potholes and keep-on riding for the good reason: getting to the Masai Mara adventure.

Today's finish is the entrance of Eden Springs, a friendly hotel for a reviving night rest.

Day 11 - Next stop Kericho Sunshine Hotel

Closing in on Masai Mara - Cycling through the green fields of Tea and Sugar Cane


Passing through the Nandi hills tea plantations.

This cycling stage is over 95 km of asphalted roads towards the town of Kericho and passing through the green Nandi hills. The last 35 km are ascending with sometimes steep climbs.

Kericho Sunshine Hotel Website

Day 12 - Brevan Hotel, Bomet.

A privileged cycling tour to Bomet via the private Finlays Estate tea plantations

The key route to the famous Masai Mara Reserve.

Today from Kericho to Bomet over private Finlays Estate tea plantations; an exceptional privilege.

Bomet is a key route to the world-renowned Masai Mara National Reserve in the neighboring Narok County. Along the roadside many locals that try to sell traditional ornaments to the tourists.

Brevan Hotel Website

Day 13 - Heavy cycling to Talek

Masai Mara landscape comes into view - exceptional animals await us

Biking technic is paramount today.

The ride from Bomet to Talek is a difficult one.

G & G Guest House (sorry, no hotel picture or website link at the moment) is where we aim to stay for two nights.

With 4WD on Masai Mara Safari tomorrow.

Day 14 - Incredible high demand Safari

The Masai Mara National Reserve.

Also referred to as Maasai Mara, is a large game reserve, contiguous with the Serengeti National Park, stretching out over Kenya and Tanzania.

This area is globally famous for its exceptional population of Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs. Further, the annual migration of Zebra, Thomson's gazelle, and Wildebeest every year from July to October, named the Great Migration.

Masai Mara is part of the incredible Serengeti Eco System between Kenya and Tanzania

Day 15 - Onwards to Narok today

A Dutchman demonstrates the Masai that he can dance too


Our goal is the Seasons Hotel.

Exchange of the Masai Mara savanna for Narok town. 105 km and equally if not more difficult as on day 13. Heavy cycling intensity (*****) due to distance and road condition. At the moment that asphalt appears beneath our wheels it's approximately 20 km more to the finish.

The Seasons Hotels Website

Day 16 - Back to where we started

Last night in Kenya - A nigt of contemplation and preparation

The Masada Hotel Naivasha.

Closing stage of this Kenya bicycle tour. 125 km to Lake Naivasha, initially cycling over hills, then false flat, and, for the last 20 km truly down, to arrive where we began without a single pedal stroke more.

Time for preparation and the packaging of all private bicycles and other belongings for the next day as the tour participants will be returning home.

The Masada Hotel Website

Day 17 - Round Up in Hotel Naivasha


This day is the completion of our Kenya Adventure Cycling Tour. 

The last hours for the cyclists and team. Time for farewell.. or see you back home. Some might be glad and some might have regrets for leaving Kenya, but all team members of the Kenya cycling tour shall never forget their accomplishment for as long as they live.

You will be transferred to Nairobi Airport with mixed but grateful feelings.

Farewell day today - Time to drop you off at Nairobi Airport

The end of the adventure cycling tour is when we arrive in Naivasha

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