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Adventure Cycling Tours Kenya

Safari Cycling Tour Package

Adventure Cycling Tours Kenya.

Tour teams must exist of a minimum of 4 participants.

Bicycle tours are always beginning at the first weekend of a month and in all seasons. The best solution is to use your own bicycle. Alternatively is the use of a mountain bike which we can rent to you.

All Inclusive Cycling Tours Kenya Packages comprise:

  • Airport transfers
  • Tour bicycle (+ € 200 when not using your own bike)
  • Standard double-occupancy rooms
  • 24/7 expert tour guide presence
  • Tour support with broom/safety car
  • All meals, drinks and on-bike nutrition
  • All days with 4WD Safari park visits
  • Safari park entrance fees and boat trips.

Flights, alcoholic & soft drinks outside of meals, single occupancy of a hotel room/tent and travel insurance are not included.

A Kenya cycling tour.

Our cycling tours have a careful blend of cycling with relaxation. The tour characteristics are threefold: 1) testing yourself on two wheels, 2) enjoying stunning surroundings and 3) unwinding after the tough accomplishment of the day.

This isn't a tour for novices but for real cycling lovers. It's is around 1000 km or 600 km cycling, often heavy pushing on your bicycle pedals, you will encounter slopes of sometimes 15% and often ride on roads comparable or worse than the cobblestones of certain areas with a bad reputation like on the border of Belgium and France.

An adventure cycling tour for experienced cyclists.


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Cycling Things to Know

Prepare for a cycling adventure.

About bicycles: Mountain bikes are available to rent. However, we advise taking your own bicycle along. Of course is your own bicycle the best solution. All Terrain Bikes  (ATB's) are fit for this tour. Basically, every sportive bicycle is usable, as long as they are in good condition and equipped with strong multifunctional tires.  It is common sense to give your bike a good revision before you go. Especially your bicycle chain and drivetrain has to be in excellent shape. More about MTB maintenance.

About health: Vaccination against hepatitis and yellow fever as well as having a DTP vaccination is advisable. Precautions for protection against mosquitos/malaria should be taken. Be wise and ask your doctor/ health service for advice. General information here.

About climate: In the Rift Valley, which is the main territory of the Kenya Bike Safari, exist large temperature fluctuations. They are mainly influenced by altitude differences. This Link to the Safari Bookings Website provides in-depth climate insight. View the photo albums on that page in order to get the feel of cycling tours Kenya. Check here best times for visiting Kenya.

About documents: Entry requirements are subject to change. Contact your local Kenya embassy to verify the information below is current.

  • A passport is required for all foreign visitors and needs to be valid for at least six months.
  • A passport must have a clean full visa page for endorsement.
  • Citizens of most countries need to have a visa. A list of countries without a visa requirement is available on the Kenya Immigration Department.
  • A visa can't be obtained through a local Kenya embassy or on arrival. You have to make use of the online visa-application portal of the Kenyan department of immigration services.

Additional information: The program of cycling tours Kenya can be downloaded HERE in PDF.

Adventure cycling tours Kenya are oxygen for Rene. He dies without cycling toursMail, call or WhatsApp René with remaining questions.

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